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im honored

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supermodel ✌️✌️✌️

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go look at my blog title

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Do they got light up jimmy choos?


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who is out here clothing animals


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bagleymischka… you too

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How do u even know Kobe eat ass

kobe ratted me out now im getting a divorce 

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i know all the words to the kobe diss track

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kobe tell me how my ass tastes

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kevin love is a first ballot bae hall of famer

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You can’t jerk off on Easter dude

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"he got knocked out by an illegal and vicious hit what a pansy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

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And the “Pussy of the Year” award goes to David Backes and the St. Louis Blues. Learn to take a hit and stop whining #FreeSeabs

i hope you get explosive diarrhea when you’re stuck in traffic 

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